Session 1 Program

Friday, July 16, 1-5 PM CDT
Saturday, July 17, 9-1 PM CDT
Organizers: David Bunde, Apan Qasem, Phil Schielke
Zoom: [ viewable to participants only ]

1:00-1:10. Welcome [David]

1:10-1:30. Introductions [David]

  • Organizer introductions
  • Participant introductions
    • background
    • reason for attending the workshop

1:30-2:30. ToUCH Overview [Apan]

2:30-2:40. Break

2:40-3:30. HC Curricular Integration [Phil]

  • Worktime
    • What HC is covered in your curriculum?
    • What modules can be integrated and in which courses?
    • What modules should be added to the ToUCH repo?
  • Presentation (2-3 mins each)
  • Discussion
    • What modules should be added to the ToUCH repo?
    • What modules should be revised to make them more accessible?
    • Are there opportunities for collaboration with other participants?
    • Will collaboration with organizers be needed?

3:30-4:00. Non-ToUCH Resources 30 mins [Apan]

4:00-4:10. Break

4:10-4:55. Module Adoption [David]

  • Plan (5 min)
    • Plan for this week
    • Module implementation and de-brief sessions in Dec and May
    • Collaboration with ToUCH PIs and/or other participants
  • Prep time + break-out discussion (15 mins)
  • Discussion (25 min)
    • Which modules do you want to work on?
    • What is the timeline for adoptions?
    • What are the barriers and challenges to adoption?

4:55-5:00. Conclusion [David]

  • Scheduling of one-on-one sessions
  • Next week's session


July '22: Faculty Training Workshop 2022: Teaching Heterogeneous Computing

Mar '22: YODA paper presented at SIGCSE22

Mar '22: Workshop at SIGCSE22: Teaching about Heterogeneous Computing

Jul '21: Core module paper accepted in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC)

Jun '21: Faculty Training Workshop: Teaching Heterogeneous Computing

Mar '21: Workshop at CCSCNE21 Short Modules for Introducing Heterogenous Computing

Apr '21: Workshop at CCSCCP21: Short Modules for Introducing Heterogenous Computing

Mar '21: Workshop at SIGCSE21: Teaching about Heterogeneous Computing

Aug '20: Second Design Meeting

Nov '19: Paper presented at EduHPC19

Mar '19: First Design Meeting


Apan Qasem
E-mail: apan "AT" txstate · edu

David Bunde

Phil Schielke