Workshop Schedule

  • July 15: Session 1: Introduction to ToUCH teaching modules and other resources on teaching heterogeneous computing.
  • July 18-21: Session 2: one-on-one/small group sessions that provide in-depth coverage of modules. These sessions will be scheduled after the first session based on participant interest. Workshop organizers will help participants formulate a plan for adopting ToUCH modules in courses at their respective institutions.
  • July 22: Session 3: Participants present their plan of integration and receive feedback from organizers and other participants.
  • Dec 2022: Debrief Session A: Participants implementing modules in the Fall term share their experience
  • May 2023: Debrief Session B: Participants implementing modules in the Spring term share their experience


July '22: Faculty Training Workshop 2022: Teaching Heterogeneous Computing

Mar '22: YODA paper presented at SIGCSE22

Mar '22: Workshop at SIGCSE22: Teaching about Heterogeneous Computing

Jul '21: Core module paper accepted in Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC)

Jun '21: Faculty Training Workshop: Teaching Heterogeneous Computing

Mar '21: Workshop at CCSCNE21 Short Modules for Introducing Heterogenous Computing

Apr '21: Workshop at CCSCCP21: Short Modules for Introducing Heterogenous Computing

Mar '21: Workshop at SIGCSE21: Teaching about Heterogeneous Computing

Aug '20: Second Design Meeting

Nov '19: Paper presented at EduHPC19

Mar '19: First Design Meeting


Apan Qasem
E-mail: apan "AT" txstate · edu

David Bunde

Phil Schielke